Pace Bunny Adventures & Thanksgiving!

Drum roll…………..I’m running my first race of the year Sunday morning! Eeekkk, I’m kinda of excited and nervous all at the same time. I’m hoping by pacing the 10k (1:10 finish) I will shake out any nerves I have for the following weekend’s half marathon in PEI. Fingers crossed.

Pace Bunny 10k VHM WRP

I even went for a few practice runs this week! Wednesday I tried to follow a 6:45 minute/km pace but was all over the map and didn’t set my Garmin correctly. Thanks to some awesome tutorials I found online, I managed to sort out my Garmin for Thursday’s RUNCH.

I finished a morning meeting and stopped by my house for lunch…well, to run and eat lunch as quickly as possible before returning to work. I was planning to run at 6:50 minute/km and managed 6:48 minute/km…not too shabby, eh! I even picked up a stick (no lie) and ran with it for about a km. Why? Well, I have to run with a sign for the first 5km. It’s a little sign that reads my distance and pace/finish time and it’s on a little wooden doweling. Don’t worry, I dropped the stick when I saw someone coming in the opposite direction ;)

What I’m excited for this weekend?

  • Watching both of my girls run their races: Hilary’s first 400m and Lilly’s 3rd time running this race but 800m this time.
  • Being with my little family and bigger family.
  • Enjoying the local running community over the weekend.
  • Pacing others to a 1:10 finish.

As mentioned, Lilly’s run the Valley Harvest Kids run in 2013 and 2014She’s super pumped. I will more than likely run the 400m with Hilary as she’s a little younger than when Lilly ran it on her own the first time. I’m cool with that, twist my arm ;) I took them to see the track last weekend so Hilary would understand where she would be running. 

What I’m nervous about?

  • Pacing others to a 1:10 finish or faster :)

My goals are:

  • Run with Hilary and cheer on Lilly.
  • Encourage those around me to push their pace if they are struggling and to push those ahead of me that are feeling strong and want to finish before me.
  • Finish as close to 1:10 as I can.


I have a lot to be thankful for though it may appear on my blog that I haven’t been the happiest camper lately. I’ll be honest, life isn’t easy … BUT, what you make of it is up to you. It’s been a long year injured and a long 2 years being a part-time single parent (and no, it’s not easy on my husband either).

I’m thankful my husband and I have jobs, that our girls are healthy, that they test our patients, that they accomplish new things (biking, swimming, saying full sentences, writing words etc.). I’m thankful for where I live and the friends I’ve made since we moved here roughly 8 years ago.

I’m thankful for an amazing running community; online, offline, local, in Timberlea and Halifax. I’ve learned a lot from blogging, twitter chat groups like RunATCan. I’ve been humbled by comments and brought to tears often by the kind things people have said to me as I’ve struggle with my hamstring and more recently my foot.

Though things are HARD at times, most of all I feel lucky for all that I have in my life.

So, to all those Canadians celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend – I hope you have a lovely long weekend with your family, your friends and your neighbours.

Oh, and if you want to see how all the races go….check me out on Instagram.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good luck to all those running this weekend at the Valley Harvest & Chicago Marathon!

What are you thankful for?

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Anyone racing this weekend?

261 Fearless Ambassador!

One of the things I love about blogging are the people I meet. When I say meet, it can be on their blog, an individual who comments or someone who I meet at a race who follow’s my blog. It’s fun when people say “oh, I read your blog”...though I get a little shy talking about it, it’s fun to meet some of you in person.

Recently, I became a 261 Fearless Ambassador. To me, this is really exciting. Originally, I started this blog to keep myself accountable to workouts while my husband was away at school. It’s morphed into weekly training updates, multiple injury updates, some adventures with our girls and honest posts of how I manage and not manage to balance my life.


What does 261 stand for?

Well, it was Kathrine Switzer’s bib number when she ran the Boston Marathon in 1967 as the first women to do so! With her attempts to run Boston, she almost had her bib ripped off her by the race director at the time! Could you imagine???

She was a pioneer in getting women into the Boston Marathon officially and also getting women into the Olympics for running. She’s changed the way women participated in running. Did you know there are places in the world that women can’t run!

I’ve been an active person my whole life. Soccer was and still is my first love. I played badminton and did fairly well with it. I loved the three years I played school volleyball and even the 1 year I was manager of the basketball team. I was terrible at basketball but was able to be apart of the team as the manager.

I’ve never sat on any Provincial Sport Boards, or any boards for that matter – though it’s on my bucket list of things I want to do. However, with my blog and this opportunity to be an ambassador, I’m hoping to be a voice of encouragement, of support and a role model for other women. Don’t get me wrong men, you are just as important BUT … you’ve always had the right to participate in sport. Women didn’t!!! To be honest, I feel lucky to be living now because sport has taken me in a direction I never imagined and for that I am grateful.

To learn more about 261Fearless you can go to this website: 261 Fearless

Do you feel fearless?

Men – do you support the women in your life to run/walk or be active?

Do you have a community that supports your active lifestyle?

Fall Eats & Treats for Thanksgiving Dinner

With Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, all I can think about (besides pacing the 10k) is all the yummy food we’ll be eating. Turkey, ham, sour cream potatoes, sweet potato bake, veggies galore and special family recipes that we *hope* the person brings to meal.

My aunt always makes these amazing chocolate coconut {Queen Anne Squares} that are to die for – I’m holding out that she’s making this. I’m on the sweet potato bake (mashed potatoes with peanut butter and maple syrup on top) and of course a few vegan treats!

Last night instead of running *gasp*, don’t worry I went to a great yoga class at lunch time :) Last night I did a little baking…muffins, cookies and pie crusts for the weekend.

Since we went apple picking last weekend we have a bag full of apples to use up: apple pie, apple crisp and I might even make some apple muffins this week too! Since Saï is a vegan, I do all my baking vegan so he can enjoy it. Okay, that’s a lie, I do 90% of my baking vegan.

Some of what I made last night and still to come…..

Vegan Apple Pie


Pumpkin Muffins


Pumpkin Pie (maybe)


I’m not sure if I’ll get to the pumpkin pie but I’m pretty sure I’ll be hungry {or should I say “rungry”} after my 10k on Sunday. I’m a few days and a 1 hour drive with the girls and Saï away from Thanksgiving dinner!

What’s your favourite part of Thanksgiving dinner?

What’s your favourite part of fall?

Do you make a secret family recipe to bring to your family dinner?


Night Runner 270 Lights {Review}

I’ve been lighting up the pathways lately ;) Well, my feet have been with the Night Runner 270 lights I received a few weeks ago. I’m going to say this upfront – THESE.ARE.AWESOME!

NRLights on Shoes

It’s been getting dark earlier here and I’m still trying to run at night and early in the morning for my long runs. I’ve been wearing lots of reflective gear lately: vest, wrist pieces and clothing with reflective strips on them. The Night Runner 270 lights are the newest addition to my running.

The first night I tested them out I quickly put the lights on my sneakers after following the directions and was good to go! I was surprised at how easy it was to attach them to my runners. It was still fairly light outside when I started my run and I ran my normal 5k route in my subdivision. There were people out walking their dogs and children playing road hockey – can’t get more Canadian then that, eh!

When I passed the kids playing hockey, they turned to me and said “LOOK at her shoes” with surprised faces. I had a little laugh to myself and kept running. As it was getting darker the lights were making a noticeable difference in the ground in front of me. As my run progressed, so did the dark sky and I was running in complete darkness only able to see the ground in front of me with the aid of these lights.

PicMonkey Collage

A few runs later I was scheduled to do my 18k long run on my own. It was extremely dark out at 6 am and I felt like the Night Runner 270 lights gave me a little more confidence. It made running in the dark a little safer.

Now the facts:

  • Two ultra-light LED light units
  • Back-facing red lights
  • 4-8 hour battery life
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • 150 total lumens (2 units)
  • 30+ meters in beam distance
  • Bi-lateral ‘wing’ design
  • Water-resistant unit
  • Secure, stable, multi-position shoelace clips
  • Free US Shipping (4-7) days
  • International Shipping – Flat rate $9.95 (7-25 days)
  • The patent pending bi-lateral ‘wing’ design features 270 degrees of visibility in front of the runner and two red ​tailights facing behind.

What I liked:

  • Easy to turn on/off.
  • They are easy to charge.
  • Easy to use (put on and take off sneakers).
  • Made me feel “seen” by oncoming traffic in the dark.
  • Charger wires and lights can be stored in a bag so you don’t lose them.
  • I like how I could see the uneven ground in front of me and what was coming up ahead.
  • Extremely light weight. I often forgot they were attached to my shoes a while after I had turned off the lights.
  • I also thought it was funny that I could see any reflective signs (stop signs, street signs) as I run. They light up far in advance to the point that I thought something else was lighting them up.

What I didn’t like:

  • To be 100% honest, there wasn’t anything I didn’t like about them. As mentioned I often forgot they were on my shoe when not turned on.
  • I wish I could buy them at a local store, however you can purchase them online.

I need to back up a bit and share this with you. When I opened the box and tried them on in my house I had many thoughts go through my head. Everything from “sweet these will be awesome when the lights go out” to “I wondering if I can use them this winter to shovel the snow in my driveway. Seriously, I even thought that I could pay night-time tag with the girls in the house – could you imagine! No, they have yet to see how they work but once they do I know they will want to try them out ;)

To learn more about Night Runner 270 lights you can find it on social media here:

What do you think about these lights for running (or walking)?

Would these lights help your running?

Do you feel safe running in the dark?

Note: Thank you to Night Runner 270 for providing me your product to review. You have definitely change they way I run now.

Two Weeks Out from PEI Half Marathon

It’s been a great week of running! So I’m just going to get right to it…….two weeks out until PEI Half Marathon (half #3 for me). I’m getting excited, eager to run the distance, looking forward to the challenge of a new event/course, meet up with some #RunATCan peeps and of course spending some time with my husband {sans kiddies}.

Last week went a little like this……….

What Was Planned vs What Really Happened:

  • Monday: Rest Day Rest Day (though I really wanted to run)
  • Tuesday: 5k 6k on the Treadmill.
  • Wednesday: 8k8k on the Treadmill (getting my fix of Scandal)
  • Thursday: 5k5k Outside
  • Friday: Rest DayRest Day (might have over indulged on food and wine)
  • Saturday: Long Run18k Long Run – you can read about the fun here!
  • Sunday: Cross TrainJillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 Level 2

Total km: 37

Weather: It’s been much cooler these days and nights. Long sleeves are required but I’m trying to push-off wearing capri’s as long as I can. Early morning runs require lots of reflective gear and lunch time runs (which I didn’t do last week) would require shorts / t-shirt or rain gear.

I’m feeling: Relieved to have 18k under my belt with no pain during, after or the following day! This is a big win!!!

I enjoyed: Taking our girls to see the Acadia track so they know where they are running next week {Kids Run}! After that, randomly deciding to go apple picking :)

track and apples

I’m looking forward to: Pacing the Valley Harvest 10k but slightly nervous about keeping my pace at 7 min/km for a 1:10 finish time. This race isn’t mine. I’m using it to do a tapered long run a week before my half marathon. I’m running this race to get those who want to finish under 1:10 or around 1:10 to the finish line on time. I’m running this race because it’s a local race that I enjoy doing. It’s going to be a good time!

I’m also looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner and making vegan apple pie with all the apples we picked this weekend.

I’m motivated by: An email message I got from an old friend. She called me “amazing” and I truly feel far from that. I’ve yet to mention on the blog but I’m now a 261 Fearless Ambassador! I don’t feel that this makes me amazing (but thank you Kathy for the comment)…I feel encouraged to motivate others to be active. And by being active I mean doing an activity of your choice (walking, running, hitting the gym, yoga, karate, soccer, swimming, cross fit etc.), to be healthy and happy.

So, in return I’m motivated by my friends, family, bloggers, readers of my blog (bloggers, family, friends and strangers I will meet and most I will never meet). Thanks for following my crazy journey of running, motherhood and just life in general.

This week: I’m planning on a rest day, 5k, 8k, 5k, rest day, KIDS RUN with both my girls (Hilary does 400m and Lilly does 800m), then pacing the 10k on Sunday :)

How was your weekend?

Anyone race, run or do anything fun?

Ever pace a race?

Last Long Run Before Two Races

Two weeks to go before I get to run my first half marathon this year….feels kinda surreal. Yesterday I did my last long training run on my own.

Normally I would follow my Hal Higdon plan for everyone long run which would have had me running 19k next weekend. However, I’m pacing the 10k at Valley Harvest Marathon next Sunday, I thought I would just add-on another 6-8k after pacing the race. I decided my body would probably benefit from a little taper and I’d stick with just pacing the 10k at 7 minutes/km or an hour and 10 minute finish.

Let me tell you about my long run yesterday…..

First I have to tell you about Friday night as it will come in handy later on! Actually, it started with lunch. Saï met me at my work and we went for lunch: Thai Food…delish! Hours later, I made pasta for the girls and baked sweet potatoes with cut up veggies, kidney beans and cheese on top (vegan cheese for Saï). I also had a kale salad for us. Once the girls went to bed we started to watch “McFarland”. After 45 minutes we cooked up a box of spring rolls and I shoved 2 pieces of left-over pizza in my mouth…apparently I was hungry. Oh …. we also had some wine; sangria to be exact.

Early in the morning my alarm sounded and I was up by 5:30 am. I did the bathroom thing, got dressed and ate a 1/2 a bagel with peanut butter. I was out the door at 6:04 and ready to run 17-18k on my own. It was extremely dark and felt a little dodgy. I had on my Night Runner 270 lights and my vest so I was seen by vehicles – most of my run was on the side of the road or on the sidewalk.

nightrunner270 lights

Around 25 minutes into the run there was a man on the other side of the road who noticed my lights {remember, it’s still extremely dark}.  As I came closer he walked across the street, didn’t even look to see if any cars were approaching and said something to me. I said good morning and kept running. After a little while my stomach started to rumble but went away just as fast…I thought nothing of it.

I took my “outrageous chocolate” GU around 7.5k and dropped the package in a garbage bin, took my vest off and turned might lights off. I kept running and decided to run up this hill and figured I turn around half way up it but I just kept running. It was a kicker, that’s for sure. My stomach rumbled a few more times but I just kept running.

Between 13-14k, I heard the honk of a car beside me but couldn’t figure out who it was. It was my friend Jolene in her husband’s car. Once I recognized her, the look of horror was washed off my face with what I hope was a friendly/surprised smile. It’s always fun to see people on your run when you don’t expect it.

oct 3 run

As I got closer to home my stomach got worse but I thought I could wait until I got home. I crossed the street when there was a lull in traffic instead of waiting for the cross walk signs to change. I was so close to home…. about 1.2km to be exact. I had to walk. Not sure why, but I did for a few steps and then figured it was a silly choice so close to being done.

I had to climb up one more hill and it killed me but I managed to keep running at the top to recover. I finished 18k about two streets out from my house and walked back for a little cool down. My stomach was feeling fine at this point. As I entered the house and went up stairs I was greeted by the girls and Sai. I sat down to stretch with Hilary and after one stretch I ran fast for the bathroom. Well……..let’s just say I’m so glad I was home! No more wine or tones of food the night before a long run or my upcoming races!

I’m getting excited and nervous for PEI Half Marathon :) Now I’m just going to enjoying my few runs/workouts this week, look forward to pacing next Sunday and celebrating {Canadian} Thanksgiving dinner too.

Ever have stomach issues when running?

Garmin (or other GPS users) – do you look at your splits after your run?

What’s your favourite feature on your GPS unit?

Ummm, So, It’s October Already!

When did this happen? September went by at the speed of light! I don’t know about you but the months just seem to be flying by. Oh September, you were supposed to be my month of my first race(s). You had such high expectations that crumbled quickly. Though you slowed me down, I did not stop moving forward with my running.

Post Treadmill Run Wednesday night:

anna sept run

Lilly started school…..


I got to volunteer (twice) at Maritime Race Weekend


I did a little cross training this month. I managed to get out on my bike a few times. I’ve done a few DVD workouts at home that have left my entire body feel wobbly. I managed 82 of km running, 50 km of biking and 5 Strength Training/DVD workouts! Not too shabby!

bike Sept 14

October 1st – Fast 5k in my Night Runner 270 Lights:

Well I finally had a FAST 5k outside! Last night I went out with my Night Runner 270 lights (and my vest). Some how I managed these numbers: 6:01; 6:09; 6:04; 5:52; 5:17! I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw 5:17 or anything close to that. Now, I’m not saying that’s going to happen again any time soon but that sure was encouraging!

nightrunner270 lights

I’m really hoping October is my month for running. I’m pacing the 1:10 – 10ker’s at Valley Harvest on Thanksgiving Weekend (Oct 11th) then we will eat all the food with family. After that, I have a trip to PEI {sans kiddies} for what I hope is my Half Marathon race. I have no qualms about dropping down to do a solid 10k if needed. I’m looking forward to just running 21.1 on my own, in a somewhat new place and a out-of-Province (destination) race.

How’s was your September?

Any big plans for October?