Seven Times Four Hundred at Five K Pace

Training Week #5 Day 2: 7 x 400 @ 5k Pace!

Seriously, what does 7 x 400 @ 5k pace mean???? That’s what I said a few months ago to myself…and never really bothered with following up with doing the actual workout. I just ran whatever distance I wanted to. However, since I am training for a half marathon, I wanted to really try to stick to my training plan as much as possible.

I’ve already missed 6 x 400 @ 5k pace and my tempo’ runs because I still need to figure out what my tempo run really should be {even though my husband already did the math for me – I forgot my pace}. Anyway, I figured I shouldn’t miss this week’s 7 x 400. I actually had to Google it! Oh yeah, that was me.

This is what I figured out: I have to run around the track {400 meters} 7 times and can have a walking or jogging break in between from 30-90 seconds (depending on what site you look at) but I had to run it at my 5k pace! So what’s my 5k pace? I dunno…I run anywhere between 5:35 to 6:16 per kilometer depending on how I am feeling.

I used the McMillan Running Calculator to figure it out. I went with my 28:00 minute 5k time, therefore I should be able to run around the track once in 1:39 then rest/recovery run or walk.

Okay, got it!

Here goes nothing!!!!!!!!!


Leaving the office…

Well, holy shit! First off, its bloody hot out….like back up to 28 degree Celsius (82 F for my American friends) but feels like 32 (89F). What was I thinking. Good thing I put on some sunscreen before I left the office.

I ran 1.23k to the local rundown track. Sure, I could have driven my car to a nice University track and paid to run on it but that wasn’t going to fit in during my lunch break. It’s an old gravel track that clearly has not been taking care of. It was used by schools I am assuming but I really don’t think they use it anymore. However, the soccer field is still in great condition.

PR Track Run

How did I do?

The first lap {400 meters} I ran, I was 6 seconds over my time…not bad. The second time I was 21 seconds over my time and then it just got worst from there.

I finished with 5 x 400 @ 5k pace….kinda felt like a turtle on the last one and decided to call it a day. Then ran another 1km back towards our office to finish off with 5k total of running today. I think on of my mistakes is that I used 28:00 as my 5k pace which I really have done once back in April but more recently ran 27:43 {PB}. I didn’t want to go with 27:43 as I know I couldn’t keep up that pace. Really, I should have aimed for a 29 minute 5k pace.

PR Track Workout

Good lord, I never want to do that again. I’d rather run hill repeats! Having said that….I feel pretty awesome physically. Even though I am in no rush to do that workout anytime soon I feel it was success.

I managed to…..

  • Get in my workout and have my evening free to do house work relax
  • Run 5k in the sun
  • Add a few more freckles to my face, arms and legs
  • Attempt 7 x 400 and finished more than half 5 x 400
  • Go outside during my lunch break
  • Finish one more day of my training!

I may have consumed more food for lunch then one really should eat (Vega snack bar, large bowl of watermelon, chicken, rice and peas from last night’s dinner, salted almonds and water…oh and I’m STILL RUNGRY!!!!!!!)

Do you like track workouts?

Gravel or nice professional tracks?

Track workout or Hill Repeats? 



Half Marathon Training Week #4 and Swimming

Hello Monday morning! I’ve got them running legs…it’s all they want to do. Run, run and more running but sometimes my mind just wants to do nothing. Another week done, another week of training for the Valley Harvest Half Marathon done :) It went a little like this:

What was planned VS What REALLY happened:

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen7k Outside that included 8 hills. I wanted to run since I did yoga Sunday and felt that 7k was a good distance to go. I threw in a few hills….3 that were REALLY LONG inclines…you know the ones you don’t think will ever end; then a set of 4 repeats, then a flat stretch and another hill that didn’t want to end. It was hard but good at the same time. Later that night not only did my legs hurt but my lungs did too!

Tuesday: 6k Run –  6k Outside that included 3 hills (normal route). I ran my normal route and had a good 6k run. 

PR Anna Run

Wednesday: 35 minute tempo run –  6k Treadmill- I felt like this was a good run, nothing amazing but not terrible. It was far from a tempo run but it’s all good.

Thursday: 5k + Strength5k + Strength workout. My co-worker Melissa and I did a run/workout combination during our lunch break. We ran 2k, then did this workout {40 jumping jacks, 30 crunches, 20 squats, 10 push ups), then ran 1k, repeated the workout {40,30,20,10), ran 1k that included a set of stairs and walked 1k to cool down. It might not have been a solid 5k but I got the distance in and some strength workout too.

40,30, 20,10

Friday: Glorious REST DAY!!!!! Much needed! Lilly had a soccer extravaganza event: bbq, bouncy castle and soccer game/skills session. We didn’t get home until 7:30, then we weeded our neighbours garden until after 8pm. I had to pack for Halifax as we were making another trip in for our car.


Saturday: We drove to Halifax (an hour way) to pick up my new car (it had some major work done – long story), so we spent the weekend at my parents place. Running, swimming, a birthday party, Grammy/Grandad and Auntie time along with Saï coming home!

Saturday Run:  5 k run….ran 12k. Switched my Sunday long run to Saturday. It was a great long run on a gravel trail and shade then back on the sidewalk in the sun. Fairly flat with hills at the beginning and end. I had planned on the 11k but added 1 more kilometer since I still had that distance to go before I got back to the house. Oh and I had my first GU in YEARS…like 9 years! It was “Chocolate Outrage” and I actually really liked it. I told my husband which one I had and he almost barfed in his mouth…guess he’s not a fan of chocolate gu ;)

PR GU Long Run


After my run, Lilly and I jumped in the pool…she learned to float like a star fish and I cooled off from my run. Later we went to a party and Hilary ate enough watermelon for an entire family of six, I swear! She also loved the bouncy castle.

PR Pool and Party Fun


Sunday: 11k - 5k run. Since I switched my long run to Saturday I still had a 5k run to do. We drove back from my parents place, had lunch and got the girls settled into nap/quiet time. I went for a quick 5k run and it was terrible! HA! After 2 km I decided that I just wanted to run my normal route and no hard hills…just the two normal hills I have to run. I had a side stitch that didn’t want to go away and at the last-minute I ran down one of the hard hills only to run up again. I figured I’d be thankful later that I did it {I was}. 

PR terrible run


I got home to find Hilary still not asleep and Lilly want to be done with quiet time! The four of us went out to run a few errands. No nap for Hilary meant for one cranky little girl…they were both in bed my 6:30 and Saï and I passed out at 6:45 pm, I forgot how good a 2 hour nap could make you feel :)

And that was my running week!

How was your weekend?

Anyone run? Vacation?

Would you swim post long run or not ? 

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Running: This OR That

It’s time for THIS or THAT! A while back Amy at Fitness Meets Frosting posted these questions and I thought I’d give it a go. 

This or That

1. This or that: 5K or a half marathon?

This is a tough one. Since I am currently training for my 2nd half marathon my head is focused on 21.1 but I do love a good 5k. Oh wait, I have a 5k and 10k in September – the Tartan Twesome…then my half in October ;) Guess I’ll do both distance soon!

2. This or that: flat race in the heat or hilly race in the cold?

Hilly race in the cold any day! Really, living in Nova Scotia you run in the cold, in snow, on ice conditions that are on hills ;)

3. This or that: new running shoes or a new running outfit?

I recently won a pair of running shoes *yes, I know…I am lucky* so I’d go for a new running outfit that matches well.

4. This or that: run a half marathon without headphones or Garmin?

I would run a half marathon without headphones over not having my Garmin! I do all of my outdoor runs without any music because I can’t find the time to download/upload any music to my IPod. I’d want to know how I was doing on my pace for that distance.

5. This or that: race because of the convenience (location, price, travel) or the swag?

I’m a big fan of racing because of the convenience – location and travelling. With two little ones and my husband away, I am lucky enough to have my family take care the of our girls if my husband is away.  Don’t get me wrong, the swag is fun but I don’t need it.

Best swag to date – a large bottle of sunscreen back in June!

6. This or that: PR but result in an injury or finish strong and missing a PR?

Finish strong and miss a PR 100%. I wouldn’t risk having an injury just to get a PR.

7. This or that: 100 squats or 100 push ups? [Now take a break and go do them. ;)]

100 Squats – I really, really suck at push ups and I’d rather have wobble legs then jello arms.

8. This or that: run without socks or without sports bra?

Oh dear lord, this is cruel! I would run without socks but would slab on body glide or vaseline to my feet/heels and pray to god it’s not bad.

9. This or that: treadmill for an hour or run around the same street block for an hour?

Humm….I dunno! Being the Mother Runner that I am, I run for an hour on my treadmill all the time.  How long is this street block?

10. This or that: Ragnar Relay or Marathon Relay team?

I think a Marathon Relay Team would be fun to do….I may have to put that on my bucket list. It would be awesome to do with my husband and a bunch of our friends.

11. This or that: Naked run or naked yoga?

Ahh…..ummm…. *puts head down in embarrassment* …. I would do naked yoga in my house and that’s it. No naked running, no naked yoga class. Oh god, now everybody’s thinking I do naked yoga in my house! Awesome!

12. This or that: Come in 4th in the Olympics or 1st in NYC marathon?

I would love to be a Canadian Olympic athlete – so 4th in the Olympics would win over 1st in NYC Marathon. However, I bet there is more money in the NYC Marathon then the Olympics…..nah, I’d still pick the Olympics.

13. This or that: give up running for 3 years to get a BQ or never BQ but run as much as you want?

Though running the Boston Marathon would be ah-may-zing I’d probably lose my mind if I gave up running for 3 years.

Now it’s your turn….

Naked run or naked yoga? Be honest!

PR but result in an injury or finish strong and missing a PR?

If you are running this weekend, enjoy and have fun!


What Do You Mean It’s NOT a Rest Day?

I’ve been trying hard to follow my half marathon training plan and feel like I’ve been doing a good job so far. I’m currently on week 4 and each week leading up to now I’ve moved the days/workouts around. This week I added a few more hills and my legs are feeling it.

My co-worker, Melissa and I have worked out early in the new year but work got too busy and we stopped our lunch time workouts. Wednesday morning I asked if she wanted to go for a run later in the week and she said sure! I wanted to see  what I was supposed to run for the rest of the week.

I pulled out my phone and looked at this……..


My first thought was “aww, crap, I don’t have a rest day until Friday” and then I frowned. Melissa laughed at me and said I looked so sad.

I desperately wanted Wednesday to be a rest day but no…rest day isn’t until FRIDAY :( All I could think about is how am I going to run another 6k and 5k before my rest day AND THEN  after that a LONG RUN 11k on the weekend!

Holy crap, what have I done!

But apparently, I’m really happy after running hills {early this week}:

PR Anna Run

Last night’s run treadmill run….

PR Run After

The life of a Mother Runner….treadmill running after the girls are in bed, baby monitor to listen to Hilary sing, talk and cry over and over again. Lilly was out in minutes. Hilary, not so much. I put her down at 7 and waited for her to go to sleep…and waited, and waited and waited! At 8 pm after cleaning up the house, I finally went into her room and cuddled with her, sang her a few more songs. She told me I was funny… “funny, funny mommy” and then I said good night, she replied with “ove ou, night night mama”. 

Rest day or run day? 

Happy or unhappy after a run/workout?

Parents – how long does it take your kids to fall asleep?

Triathlon of life with two littles

No, I haven’t participated in a Triathlon but life sure makes it feel like we have :) We’ve been busy this last week and I feel like we’ve done a mini triathlon with our girls. A little biking {Lilly} one evening, a trip to the Zoo (walking/running) one morning and the end of Lilly’s little soccer. Don’t worry, we’ve been running too :)

Biking Riding…. 

PR biking fun

The Zoo…..

PR Zoo

And our last soccer session :( 

PR Soccer

 What have you been up to lately? 

What’s your life / family triathlon version?


Half Marathon Training Week #3

Just like that week 3 of training for my 2nd half marathon is in the books! I looked at the calendar the other day and realised that October 12th really isn’t THAT far away. I mean, it almost feels like September around here…oh wait, this fall weather we are having in Nova Scotia could have something to do with it ;) Don’t get me wrong, I love the cooler weather but I would really like to have a few more weekends in the sun!

What was planned VS. What really happened last week:

Monday –  Stretch & strengthen10k Race A Shore Thing I had this race planned for a few weeks so it fit nicely with my training. Krystol, Lynn and I rocked out an awesome 10k (57:24 – 57:40ish).

PR A Shore Thing 10k

Tuesday6k –  Rest Day. My body just needed a rest after yesterday’s 10k and I felt it was well-earned. 

Wednesday30 minute tempo run at 5k pace –  5 terrible kilometers on the treadmill. I was all ready to head out for a run once we got the girls down and it slowly started to rain. I figured I’d still run in the rain but then heard thunder and decided to stay inside and on the treadmill…….bad decision. I had a terrible run.

Saï ran too…in the thunder and rain…but he rocked his run in this old school jacket ;)

PR Sai Anna Selfie

Thursday 5k + strengthRest Day. I took the night off. We decided to take Lilly out on her bike and had a lot of fun…except when she turned towards a large ditch, drove down into the ditch with gusto and then fell off her bike! After a hug from Daddy, she get back on her bike :)

PR Lilly Biking 2

Friday -  Rest or easy run - 6k Treadmill Finally had an awesome run on the treadmill in what seems like a month!

SaturdayRest10k Treadmill. I was kinda dreading this day and even thought about getting our babysitter over so I could run outside. I left it too long and didn’t ask her and just ran it on the treadmill. The first 3km sucked but they ALWAYS do and then I stopped looking at the kilometers/time and just ran. I watched one full show and 1/2 of another show on my little tablet. 

Sunday5k RaceYoga Meltdown DVD. I wasn’t really feeling the 5k race {nor did I have one to do} and figured the 10k long run I did Saturday was grounds for an easier day. I wanted to do a DVD workout and picked the Yoga Meltdown as I really need to start working on my strength and my upper weak body.


All in all, it was a pretty good week! I’m hoping to get a little hill workout in this week and am rethinking a babysitter for my long runs. It would be that much better doing the long runs outside then watching 2 shows on the treadmill to keep my mind occupied.

Total mileage for week #3: 31 km (or 19.26 miles)

Total mileage for training: 86 km (or 53.43 miles)

Let’s see what week #4 brings!

If you missed the first few weeks, check them out here–> Training Plan, Week 1 and Week 2 !

How was your weekend?

Anyone run? 

What’s the longest you’ve run on a treadmill ?


A Shore Thing 10k Race Recap

This past Monday I ran a 10k race with two good friends, it was a holiday here! One, my running buddy Krystol and the other is an old friend of mine, Lynn. We went to high school and university together and have remained great friends since then. Both friends are rock stars; mama’s to two children and are what I would call amazing role models.

Lynn has been running for a while now and I have always said “let’s do a run together”. The only problem is she lives in Ontario and I, in Nova Scotia. We’ve joked over emails and the phone that one day we’d run together but then reality snuck in and we managed to do it :)

With her family still in Nova Scotia and vacation time at its prime, she asked if I wanted to run a 10k while she was home, I said yes of course! Even though my original plan was to take the summer off from any races and just run/train for the half, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

Monday morning I woke up at early o’clock to get ready for the run. I left the house at 6:01 to meet Lynn and make our way to the run in Porter’s Lake, about 45-50 minutes away. It was a small run with just over 200 people registered and took us along a gravel trail. We arrived around 7 and hung out in the car before hitting up the porta-potty – hello…runner’s best friend! We spotted Krystol and her family and went back to my new car :) and dropped off our bags. Yup, I said new car…the last one bit the dust.

After a few announcements we did a warm up and this time I did not forget to start my Garmin. They had a clock but it wasn’t official chip time…so I went with my Garmin time :) Oh, and don’t be jealous of our warm up picture below ;)

Awesome warm up photo!!!

Awesome warm up photo!!!

In no time we were off and running. Krystol was on the left, me in the middle and Lynn on the right. The weather was grey and raining but it was perfect for an August run. We dodged puddles and had soakers within minutes but were running at a comfortable pace. It was all good!

Laughing and We're off running!

Laughing and We’re off running!

The kilometer breakdown:

1 – 5km: The first 5 km’s were great. We all had a good steady pace, were chatting away, enjoying a little rain and having a great time. Just before the 5k marker I thought I was on track for a new PB and picked up the pace. I quickly realised it wasn’t going to happen and backed off…heck I still had another 5k go to.

Then came the turn around point at the 5km marker.

5 – 7km: As we ran around the pylon on the gravel trail and it felt like everything changed instantly. I felt like I hit a wall! My legs were heavy and I wanted to walk between kilometers 5 and 7. I kept thinking in my head that Krystol and Lynn were good to go so I should be too.

There were many times when I wanted to ask if they wanted a walking break but I didn’t…nor did they ask. The conversations moved towards one word answers and maybe even a few “uh-ha” … mumbles. It was hard going for all of us.

7 – 9km: We seemed to settle back into a more manageable pace with our breathing under control. I kinda felt like it was getting warmer out however it could have just been the humidity. I said when we crossed the main road, I’d pick up my pace to finish strong.

9km: All three of us picked up our pace a little more around the last kilometer marker. As we came upon the main road we had maybe 100m to go and I could see the clock ticking away at the time. We picked up the pace and sprinted to the finish….this was the longest sprint of my life {even with soccer}.

1 km: 5:40

2 km: 5:44

3 km: 5:35

4 km 5:38

5 km 5:46

6 km 5:48

7 km 5:59

8 km 5:57

9 km 5:54

10 km 5:24

PR A Shore Thing 10k

I was SO close to a 10k Personal Best and missed it by 7 seconds! Lynn and I finished in 57:24 {Garmin time} and Krystol about 10 seconds behind us. Lynn could have easily left us in her dust a few kilometers back but she didn’t and Krystol got a new Personal Best by almost a minute! Way to go ladies :)

Post Run Silly

Post Run Silly

What an awesome run!!!!

Do you run with friends?

Have you hit a wall in a 10k race?

Road running or trial running during a race?