Canada Day, Blogger Meet Up and Running!

I have to admit, it’s been a great few days into my little vacation week! Wednesday was Canada Day so we decided to celebrate doing a few different things!

It started off with strawberry picking (16 boxes – 4 missing from the photo that we dropped off at our neighbour’s house). I’m pretty sure Hilary walked around with the same number of red/white strawberries in her box the whole hour we were there. And I’m pretty sure she ate more juice red strawberries then could fit in one box alone!

canada day fun

We played in our little kiddie pool, had a maple leaf shaped sandwich and then went to a friends house for a BBQ! It was a blast but an exhausting day for me!

A while back I decided to book off Thursday and Friday to make it a vacation week for me – so glad I did. I managed to get a run in Thursday and planning another one this morning – check IG for an update :)

After my run, I quickly showered and went out to meet up with Kyla from Early Bird Fitness! She’s originally from the Valley area in Nova Scotia – where I live. However, she currently lives in British Colombia – the opposite side of Canada! We’ve become online blogger friends and got the chance to meet up while she was home on vacation.

anna kyla

It’s funny when you meet someone, you just know you’d click and could talk for hours! That’s how I felt. She’s super sweet, funny and a great person to learn lots from – especially when it comes to running. She even invited my family to come stay with her some time and she hasn’t even met them in person!!!!! Super sweet!

We snapped a quick photo before we had to part ways – I was getting a hair cut (as you can see my crazy hair) and she was heading back to spend time with her Nan.

I ran a few more errands (didn’t find the plunger Kyla but I’m still looking) and got home in time to prep dinner to go along with the ham in the slow cooker! Once I got the girls, it was go time as Lilly has soccer on Thursday nights!

run garmin lilly soccer

My run this morning wasn’t great but it was bad either. I woke up in a rather weird mood and wasn’t digging anything. Since the girls were in day care I wanted to take advantage of being kid free and run in the day. At 8:30 am I headed out and ran around my subdivision. I wasn’t loving it and many, many times I thought about walking but for some reason I kept running.

By the time I got back home I was drenched in sweat, in a much better mood and 5k training run done. I’m trying not to think about the 5k I didn’t run the day before!

It’s been a great few days and I have plans to run today with my running buddy, Krystol AND then a weekend with my family :)

How was your Canada Day?

What’s your best post run tip for running in the heat? Me – sitting in my cool basement. 

Happy 4th of July (early) to those south of us :)

Any weekend plans?

Happy Canada Day!

happy canada day

Happy Canada Day!

Happy July 1st.

Happy Red and White! 

Cheers, Piper :)

I DID IT! 30 Day Plank Challenge DONE!!!!

YEAH! I managed to actually start AND finish a 30 day challenge! Of course, it started of fairly easy and grew harder over the weeks. Right now, I’m just happy to say it’s completed!

30 days of planking from 1 minute to three minutes and yes, that is a face-plant post plank in there :)

That's A LOT of planking!

That’s A LOT of planking!

Learning’s from planking for 30 days:

  • Don’t plank on carpet every day – your elbows will hate you.
  • Go bare foot – you get a better grip and avoid slipping around.
  • Face planting post plank is completely acceptable.
  • You are stronger than you think you are.
  • My triceps hurt the most.
  • Plank when you are on your own! Having little kids around always made it harder. Though they cheered me on and even attempted to plank, it wasn’t fun trying to keep them off me.
  • When you husband (or significant other) tells you your bum is too high, you correct yourself. Not only do you correct yourself, you get pissed off at them for telling you which only makes you want to hold the plank longer.
  • You can surprise yourself!


I managed a nice 6k runch today even though my training plan only called for 5k. It was really warm and muggy but I was having a great run. The sky was overcast, with the sun poking out every so often. It was perfect.


Tomorrow is Canada Day! Happy Canada Day to all those crazy canucks out there tomorrow! Hope you have nothing but sunshine, good food and create great memories with friends and family! We are starting off the day with some strawberry picking and some other adventures later on the in day!

Anyone complete a 30 day challenge this month?

Are you celebrating Canada Day? What are you doing?

Happy Canada Day!

MRW Half Marathon Training Week #1 Recap

First off, I’m a tad bit excited to be writing those words “Half Marathon Training Week #1 Recap”. It’s been a long 6 months being on the injured list, thinking I was better, going back on the injured list and staying there much long then anyone would ever want to. Saying that, I’ve had a hard but great week of training!

To recap:

Race: Maritime Race Weekend Half Marathon (Double race called Tartan Twosome 5k & Half for me).

Dates: Sept 12th – early morning (Sept 11th 5k @ 7pm)

Training Plan: Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Half Marathon

What Was Planned vs What Really Happened

Day 1 – Monday June 22nd Rest DayRest Day! I sure rocked this one! It was really weird not running and I even thought about just doing it anyway but life got busy and I didn’t even have time to run. (2:15 plank)

Note – I was on the road for three days (7:30 – 5:30) this week and my husband was away as well. Busy times!

Tuesday 5k Run5k Treadmill Run (2:20 plank)

Wednesday5k Run5k Treadmill Run (2:25 plank)

Thursday5k Run5k Trail/Hill Run at lunch in the hot sun. (2:30 plank)

FridayRest DayRest Day …. nailed it!  (2:35 plank)

Saturday7k Long RunCross Trained with my lawn mower in the afternoon sun. (2:45 plank)

SundayRest Day7k Long Run (2:50 plank)

This week had it’s up’s and down’s and I wasn’t sure I was even wanting to do my long run after Thursday’s terrible run. I planned on doing my long run Saturday night but after a long day with my family that included mowing the lawn for an hour in the HOT sun, not to mention the beer I had at dinner…I decided a rest day/cross training day would be better.

Sunday’s run didn’t start off great. I left the house around 9 and during the first kilometre I thought it was going to be a struggle the whole time! I actually hated it and all I could think about was “how am I going to get the next 6k done?”

The temperature was cool and the sun was just starting to break through the clouds. I left my subdivision and headed out onto the old highway. The side walks were empty and I just focused on where I was running. On the way out, I hugged the left hand side of the sidewalk and for some reason I thought this was weird.

On my way back, I almost got hit by a car! Crazy, eh! I was waiting at a cross walk, you know, waiting for that little guy to say it’s okay for you to walk…you HAVE the right away”. But the truck that was literally waiting beside me to turn had other plans. The cross walk guy came on, I looked over my left shoulder to make sure the truck wasn’t coming and started to walk across the cross walk. The guy in the truck decided it was his turn too and bolted out in front of me! I threw up my hands at the guy (I was so close I could have hit his truck with my hand) and pointed to the sign. He even looked over at it and kept driving! I was pissed at that point and kept crossing with other cars looking at the truck in shock.

Drives – pay attention. Runners – pay attention to the stupid drives that can’t follow street signs.

As I got closer to my house I picked up my pace and was about 100 metres off from finishing at my driveway. Apparently our girls were really upset that I ran past our house! I just had to finish my last km though! I had a quick cool down walk back to the house and was greeted by two cheering little girls! What a way to come home!

7k long run

Not sure about a pre-run self picture ;)

Later that afternoon, I even managed a 20 minute nap – a much-needed nap. Thanks Sai :) And of course a dance party before bedtime with our girls!

A run that started off so bad turned into a fantastic run, just what I needed. I even managed to drop some time! I’ve been running around 6:17/6:18 per km and managed 6:07 during that 7k! Not too bad. I’m still very far away from what my normal speed was last year but that’s 100% fine, I will get back there in time.

Oh and a big shout out to those who race the EPIC Canadian 10k and 5k this weekend – and those who did both in that order! My running buddy Krystol got two new PB’s!!!! Congrats!

How was your weekend?

Anyone ever confront a stupid driver before?

Dance party before bed time, yes or no?

The Key is just Being Active

The other night I took Lilly to her soccer practice with Hilary in tow. It’s always entertaining when I take both girls somewhere as Hilary doesn’t like to sit still. Okay, it’s more entertaining for other people not me. I’m not sure which one ran around more during that one hour  soccer practice but I do know they both had a blast.

Lilly was with her friends and listening to her coach while Hilary and I walked the track with her friend and parent and another mom. All of our children go to day care together and will be in the same school in September!

We walked the track together and got to know each other a little more. What we did for work, what our husbands did, sleep challenges with our kids etc. Eventually we got talking a little more and I learned that one was a “gym rat” (her words not mine) and the other is starting her first Learn to run 5k in August! They learned that I like to run, a lot ;)

After walking a few laps the little ones wanted to get out of their strollers to play in the sand pit/kick the soccer ball around too. I got thinking about gyms and they are not a place I frequent very often. When I’m visiting my family, I do like to hit up GoodLife Fitness, especially the female only gyms.

We have three local gyms within 10-30 minutes of where I live but I just haven’t brought myself to look into them. I love to run and be outdoors. I love to be active with our girls all year round. I do value what a gym can offer people and I do value the opportunities that it can lead to.

This next statement has always been something that I believed in and use in the work I do daily. The key piece is that “being active” is important no matter what activity you are doing. Being “active” at the gym, outside, inside, with people, without, on a plan, fly by the seat of your pants – it’s all good. It’s all good because you are making yourself healthier and happier.

My run on Thursday sucked (sorry, Mom) but it did. I honestly hated it. I looked at my watch WAY too much. I stopped a few times to catch my breath after a long hill. I even stopped once because I just didn’t want to run – even though I was ½ a km away from being done my run. Once I finished and had a chance to cool down, I was relieved it was over.  Though I wasn’t happy at the time, I sure was happy after I got my activity in.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m super thankful I can run and that I could do so on my lunch break, rather than 8:30 at night. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t good and it was far from awesome. BUT – I was active. And that’s all that matters!

Does it matter to you what people do to be active?

Do you like going to gyms?

Do you like to workout with others or on your own?

Half Marathon Training – Maritime Race Weekend

Well folks, training for my 3rd half marathon has begun! I’m training for the Maritime Race Weekend Tartan Twosome (double race). I’m running 5k on Friday Sept 11th (evening) and a half marathon Saturday Sept 12th.


Location: Cow Bay, Nova Scotia

Number of runners: 5,000

Theme: Pirates!

Fun facts: this races has been named Best Designation Race by Canadian Running Magazine (a MUST RUN) and has the BEST BLING / Finisher’s Medals ! (seriously, the medals are ah–ma –zing!)

Past participation: I ran the Tartan Twosome last year – 5k Friday and 10k Saturday where I got two Personal Bests!! Review for 5k here and 10k here.

Training Plan for 2015:

MRW HALF Training Plan

Piper’s Maritime Race Weekend (Sept 12th) Half Training Plan


I’m really excited for this race as it will probably be my first race of 2015. That’s what happens when you spend 6 months on the injured list!

I am using the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Training Plan and have adapted it to kilometres. Last year, I used Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Training Plan and loved it! I wanted to use it again but felt that I’d be jumping into TOO much running for where I am at with my hamstring (which is really good at the moment!).


HAL HIGDON HALF Marathon Training Plan Novice 2

I’m scaling it back a bit but that’s not to say I won’t adapt the weeks as I move along. I’m planning on doing some cross training: DVD workouts, cycling and swimming with the girls J Yes, I’m totally going to count swimming with the girls as part of my training, ha ha!

Today’s plan was a 5k run! After two days of running 5k’s on my treadmill, my legs and body were a little tired. Not to mention I am still rocking the 30 day plank challenge each morning. I’m up to 2 minutes and 25 seconds – holy poop! It’s hard most days but today for some reason I got through it with very little struggles. Not sure what that means for tomorrow’s plank (2:30).

Today’s run was nothing but a struggle! It was terrible! I started off with a few hills (bad idea) in the shade and ended with a flat trail in the direct sun. It was rough but I feel great now!

hard run june 25


Would you rather run hills first or flat trail during a training run?

Would you rather run in the shade or sun your entire run?

Running, Swimming and Father’s Day

That pretty much sums up our weekend!

Lilly finished her swimming lessons Saturday morning and she’s moving on to the next level (in the fall). Though it was only her first swimming lesson, we saw a big improvement in her confidence in the water.

Later Saturday, we went to a birthday party (it’s birthday season right now…that’s what happens when you become friends with people who are on maternity leave at the same time as you – #allthebirthdayparties). It was great, we were outside by a lake. The bugs weren’t bad, the kids played some games and even swam in the lake! Brrr!!! I got in up to my knees as I didn’t have time to locate my bathing suit.

swim fun

We celebrated Father’s Day Saturday night with a BBQ dinner which was more like “how many veggies can you fit on your plate” kinda meal. That’s what happens when you are married to a vegan ;) I was wanting to make home-made burgers but with the busy day we had, we all had sausages of various kinds!

Roasted parsnips, carrots and asparagus. Onions and mushrooms, spinach salad with strawberries, tangerines and nuts. Chicken feta and spinach sausage for the girls … Sai had a vegan one.

Father's Day Food

Father’s Day Food

Father’s Day Fun


I was planning on going for a run after we got the girls to bed but was feeling lazy. Eventually, I got a little boost and headed out for a 6k run. You’d think I’d make my running routes easy since they have been so hard lately but nope…I decided to run some long inclines and even ran up my “hill repeat” hill THE WHOLE WAY! Apparently, my fitness isn’t too bad! It doesn’t matter that I walked once I arrived at the top of this hill, does it ;)

sat run june 20

It was another hard run but felt so good. When I arrived at home, I still had to do a 2 minute 10 second plank since I forgot to do it first thing in the morning. After running 6k I figured it would be okay. Well…..never plank in front of your husband.

Within the first few seconds he said “should your bum be THAT high?”. So of course I lowered my butt/pelvis towards the ground more. Then at the end he says “shouldn’t you be controlling your breathing?”. Once I collapsed on the floor (2:11) and caught my breath, I looked at him and said “Why don’t you give it a try?” and his response was “nope, I’m eating my ice cream”.

Sunday was supposed to be spent in the garden and mowing the lawn but it rained and RAINED and RAINED! As I write this a large swimming pool in my driveway is filling up! Awesome for puddle jumping. Then after breakfast I remembered that I should get planking before the day got away from me. Just before I was about to “assume the plank position” I looked up what time I should be doing – just for clarification, ya know! Guess what????????? It was REST DAY!!!!! I cried inside – complete happiness!!!!

How was your weekend?

Did you celebrate Father’s Day?

Anyone run, swim or bike this weekend?